A Romance Novel

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About the author…

Ann Marie Graf lives in Plymouth, Wisconsin where she operates her own custom sewing/tailoring business out of her home.  She has been married for twenty-three years, and has three children. As her children began moving away to college, she came to rediscover her love for writing. After finishing four manuscripts, she finally decided to publish the first, a romance novel:

Love…The Illusion.

For years people have been going to see movies after first reading the book, because they want to see what they read. This gave her the idea to merge the two together; an innovation to the world of reading.

Her vision was to publish a romance novel that would combine her creative talents of writing and sewing, allowing the reader to see the characters, the romance, and the extravagant world of fashion; dresses and costumes that were one of a kind that she designed. The finished products became essential to how she wanted to portray scenes like Maggie’s first date, the magic show in Vegas, and of course, the most unforgettable wedding. In order to make this dimension available to the reader, over 80 scenes have been modeled or acted out to bring the book to life. They all await the reader with a smart phone or internet access. The smart phone uses breakthrough technology to scan the QR code embedded within the pages. While this remains quicker and easier than going online, the computer provides higher quality images for those who choose to use it instead. Love… The Illusion presents the world with its first romance novel attached to online pictures/videos. Email Ann: author@lovetheillusion.com